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Update – Eastern Standard @ESKDboston – Recipes!!

So, I got lucky! While finally doing a proper unpack and going through random receipts and papers that were crumpled in my bag, I found GOLD! If you missed my last post about Eastern Standard in Boston , I didn’t have the mental capacity to remember what our last two drinks were, and therefore included nothing but a picture of the drinks in that post.

Turns out, in our drunken state, I had the wherewithal to ask Awesome-Bartender Nicole to write down the recipes of those last two cocktails. Read more »


Boston Cocktails – Eastern Standard @ESKDboston

At Eastern Standard things started getting a bit blurry, but I will do my best here. First thing is first. I am stating right now that Nicole (Last name unknown) was awesome and should be high fived by everyone that visits the Bar. Secondly, I was upset to hear that original mastermind bartender Jackson Cannon is no longer actually working behind the bar and is now purely overseeing things at Eastern Standard and it’s neighbouring Oyster Bar. Read more »

Bar at Clio Menu 2

Boston and Cocktails – The Bar at Clio

Clio is the restaurant within the Eliot hotel in Boston. The brains behind the bar at Clio is bartender Todd Maul. We were lucky enough to have Todd Maul behind the bar on the night we were there which was great. We were only at Clio for a short time, but just long enough to sip on a couple tasty cocktails and chat with Todd a little too. We had the Polaris and the Diablo.

Read more »


Boston’s B&G Oysters

Ok, so B&G Oysters doesn’t have cocktail, or any spirits for the matter. But we really wanted to check it out because it is one of Barbara Lynch’s establishments, it was on our list, and we weren’t ready to stop eating yet. Read more »


Boston and Cocktails 2 – Lolita Cocina and Tequila Bar

I have had to split our second night out in Boston into multiple posts here, just because we ate at Lolita and it was such a beautifully decorated room, it required some extra photo credits! (See pics of chandeliers and toilet below) We also powered through the rest of the night at B&G Oyster, Clio and Eastern Standard which you will find in very-near-future posts.

As soon as we were seated at our black table with red roses and red glowing chandeliers, Lolita presented us with a Grapefruit-mint Granita, served atop of smoking dry ice, which some may think to be a gimmick, but I can only say that it worked wonderfully and it was perfect to perk us up from the heat outside. (Did I mention we decided to make this an all-walking night!) Read more »


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